Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple white curtains?

The realtor suggested we put some simple white curtains in the master bathroom to dress it up a little. So I want shopping… and if you know me you know I HATE shopping.

I went to wallyworld over the weekend and it was packed, but I found blue cafĂ© curtains and a matching valance and got them. They didn’t have any white ones, but the gal was stocking and said they might be in one of the boxes. They looked ok, but were not wide enough, I need another valance to make it look good and it really needs the white between the two blue panels. Today I went back, nothing there and a different girl said she would order them.

So I checked Kmart nothing, the Mill Outlet, nothing, Home Depot, nothing and finally Lowes, nothing. There won’t be any nice looking curtains in the master bathroom, our town doesn’t sell them!

(And don’t anyone dare suggest I make them! I am not wasting my fabric on that place!)

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  1. LOL. Darn it Marge, I was going to suggest that you buy some white fabric and make them in a jiffy.


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