Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting ready?

Are you ready for tomorrow's mystery?
Have you precut your fabrics so you can start sewing?

Is your MACHINE ready?
Dust out that bobbin area, oil as needed, put in a new needle and wind bobbins.

Do you have dinner ready and the family taken care of? 
Pop a favorite recipe in the crock pot or have a favorite meal delivered.  If you have a spouse and maybe still kids at home, send them to the movies and have them bring home dinner.    If they leave you alone all day, you will be done and ready to ring in the New Year with them. Give yourself a day off to enjoy this project.

We will start at 9AM US eastern time tomorrow morning.

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  1. yep, all ready to sew... although i am in Australia so will be sewing in a completely different time zone!


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