Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Christmases

Living in Alexandria VA was very convenient for going home, it was just three hours up the road… we could go up on Friday night after work and be back on Monday morning to go back to work again.  We continued our happy Christmas traditions, having family at our home on Christmas, enjoying the celebrations in and around the nation’s Capitol and then going home for the family Christmas party.   Every Christmas was wonderful… but something was missing… 

At the family Christmas parties the fun was in watching the children.  Everyone had kids, well almost everyone.  Each year there was another baby and the fun grew along with the families.  And each year we got asked the same question, and each year we didn’t have an answer. 

Oh we were trying, believe me, LOL!  We had no problems trying.  It just didn’t happen.  Not to us anyway.  (One of John’s sisters and her DH made a baby while visiting us one Christmas, right on our sofa bed!  We tried it there, didn’t work for us.) 

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