Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kids make Christmas

Yesterday I told you about Jonathon’s first Christmas with a black eye, well his second Christmas the other one was black.  He was watching Daddy put up the Christmas lights and in his excitement bumped his head on the window, giving himself another shiner.  Fortunately it was fading some by Christmas.  His third Christmas he was healthy and so excited for Christmas, Santa AND going home for the family Christmas party in Delaware.  He only knew many of them through pictures and stories but was excited to be going on an airplane to meet them in person. 

The night before we flew home sometime in the middle of the night he climbed in bed with us… only I didn’t know it.  When I got cold and the covers didn’t come when I pulled them, I pulled harder and threw him on the floor.  He screamed for a few minutes then went back to sleep between John and I.  The next morning when we were dressing him he screamed again and we realized maybe something was wrong.  We made a quick trip to the emergency room to learn he had a broken collar bone.  They showed us how to take care of it, wrapped him up and off we flew to Delaware.   He was given special treatment on the flight down, visiting the cockpit, special seating, snacks and more.  And family continued the special treatments too. 

Shortly after we got home from Delaware we saw a Wednesdays Child on the news that really tugged at our hearts.  We weren’t eligible for that baby but if we were interested in adopting they really wanted to meet with us.  Two months and nine days after we saw the baby on Wednesday’s Child Michael joined our family.  The next Christmas was the best ever in my opinion… we had two boys who gave Christmas a whole new look.  Aunt Sheryl flew to Texas to spend that special Christmas with us which made it more extraordinary.  Michael was just ten months old and already walking and talking and Jonathon was enjoying being the big brother.  I love watching the old video of Jonathon showing Michael things on the Christmas tree, and sharing presents. 

Yes indeed, Christmas is all about children.  Without them, Christmas just isn’t the same. 

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