Monday, December 31, 2012

How many mystery participants?

I asked that question on Facebook and a few replied.  I didn’t ask on the Yahoo Groups or here on the blog.  And even though only a few replied to my Facebook question, I know there are a lot more out there who are at least downloading the files.  The number is not that important to me, but if only the few who replied were participating, I might reconsider all the work that goes into a mystery or project on line. 

Google Analytics tells me that there have been 3301 visitors to my web site today.  Of those 2098 are new visitors and 1203 are returning visitors.  United States 2,438, Canada 272, Germany 132, Australia 97, United Kingdom 65, Netherlands 53, New Zealand 27, Brazil 23, Sweden 17, and 19 other visitors who have not set their location.  (and those numbers don’t add up because more people are visiting as I type, LOL!)

Considering all the other projects and mysteries that are being offered today, I am pleased as punch with the numbers.  And that means I will keep doing what I am doing, sharing my quilting projects with the whole wide world!

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