Friday, December 21, 2012

More on Christmases

Our first two married Christmases were in New Hampshire with family, the third one in San Antonio all alone and depressing. (see my previous post)   Our fourth Christmas was far from depressing, it was almost hilarious… no it was beyond hilarious. 

We had company, lots of company.  Let me explain our "home" to you before I go on… we were living in an efficiency apartment.  That means you walked into the living room/kitchen which was just about big enough to turn around in.  In the living room were two twin bed mattresses on platforms that served as our sofas (and guest beds) and a table that seated two and also served as the TV stand.  Then there was our bedroom and since we had a queen size bed that was all that was in the room, and of course a bathroom.  (Fully equipped bathroom I’ll add, tub and shower, sink and necessity throne.)   

I considered it a lovely apartment, much better than the previous one because we had moved to the second floor.  The apartment we had the previous year was on the ground floor, and people literally parked outside our living room, if someone’s foot had slipped they would have parked in the living room.  From the second floor we had a lovely view of the other apartments, the parking lot, and the strip club across the street.  (Which was later burned down by the neighbors because of all the problems it created….  ) 

So in this tiny little efficiency apartment lived me John and our two cats.  Christmas #4 as a happy couple included his sister who was working her way across country and had decided to come visit us on the way, and spend the holidays with us.  She also had a dog.  Nice little dog… well nice in that he didn’t bother the cats and was good about going outside to take care of business.  He would ask politely to go out and because of the neighborhood someone would have to take him out.  In the middle of the night he would ask ME to take him out, since his owner slept through his requests, LOL!

Because I had been so depressed the previous Christmas my Dad and brother decided to spend Christmas with us too.   I can’t remember now if they told us in advance if they were coming or just showed up, but I was very happy they were there.  Fortunately no pets came with them. 

So there we all were in our tiny little efficiency apartment, John and I and our two cats, John’s sister and her dog, my Dad and brother…  We did put up a tree but for the life of me I can’t remember how we fit it in. 

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