Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1st

So it’s that time of year when I should be thinking about next year’s projects and block of the months.  I should, but… well... I’m still on quilt over load from this fall’s retreats. 
But that shouldn’t stop my head from thinking about what’s to come in 2013.

And I really should get my act together….  
SOOooo… I’ve made a few decisions.

First, I will be hosting a New Year’s Eve mystery.  I will share steps to making a really terrific quilt, a pattern I am sure you will enjoy… at least I sure hope you do.  It’s a great stash buster, or if you just want a quick and easy quilt, use pre-cut strips.  Jelly Rolls, Tonga Treats, Bali Pops, whichever is your favorite, grab one and join me on December 31, starting about 9AM (eastern).  I will make a page on my web site just for this, and put links here on the blog to point you there.  In the meantime here is a link to the NYE Mystery introduction..
Second, well.... you will just have to check back later to see what comes next!



  1. I'll be along for the ride where ever you take us. Joanne

    1. Oh goodie!! The more the merrier

  2. I think this sounds fun


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