Friday, November 30, 2012

New Header

I just updated my header picture with three of my favorite quilts from this year. 

First (on the left) is 2 Marge’s Pinwheels, made from large triangle squares my friend Marge sent me, which I made into the quilt.  It was quilted by Jackie who did a fabulous job as always. 

Next is my Summer In the Park Based on YouTube video by the Missouri Quilt Company (quack quack)  I do plan to use this pattern again, and maybe even again after that.  It’s quick and easy and look at the great quilt.  This one was also quilted by Jackie, whose I just can’t praise enough. (Thank you thank you thank you!)

And finally my Aunt Grace Zig Zag quilt, which is still a top and will stay that way until you know who gets to quilting it.  (I can wait, take care of a few of your own quilts first!)  I saw a picture on someone’s blog of a scrappy quilt she’d made and knew I had to make one using my Aunt Grace stash.  I started it during the October retreat, worked on it through the Angels retreat and finally finished it during the November retreat. 

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