Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reading devices

So even though I didn’t go shopping, either online or out in the masses, I did get something new this weekend, well new to me anyway.  My daughter-in-law Kelly (I love saying that!) bought a newer Kindle and gave me her old one.  What made it even more special was that her now my Kindle was designed just for us, it’s purple and it has a purple case too, imagine that.  How nice that my daughter-in-law and I both love purple… and I wonder what Steph’s favorite color is?  (I’ll have to ask her.)

Now why would I want a Kindle and a Nook?  I’ll tell you why.  Sometimes there are free books offered for one and not the other, and now I can get all the free books I could ever want! 

And speaking of free books, do you own either device and if so, do you know about BookBub?  They send you a daily email with free books listed.  (Just one email a day, and no pressure at all.)  I’ve gotten some great books that way.  I’m just a bit curious to see how they send suggestions to me for both devices… waiting for that daily email to appear so I can see what’s good for which device today!

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Bookbub Marge. My daughters gave me a Nook last Christmas and I do use it to read. I will definitely go to that website. I still read regular books too. I am doing more reading these days, as last week I broke my foot, Just what I needed on top of my cancer and chemotherapy. Must be my lucky year. I hope that your prednisone reduction is going along okay. I haven't seen you mentioning it lately.


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