Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Four weeks is a long time

Four weeks is a long long long time, I can tell you that for certain.  For every good minute there was a minute I missed being home, and I am just now realizing how much I missed home.  Tonight when I went in to the bathroom I forgot which light switch turned on the light…  was I really gone that long?

Yes I laughed myself silly many times, and enjoyed every laugh.  But I missed fall here at home, the leaves were just starting to turn when I left and now the trees are bare.

Yes I got a lot of sewing done, but the housework fell far far behind.  John did a great job keeping the house neat, but it wasn’t as neat as I like… and he washed a table runner that had never been washed, and dried it… now it’s a shriveled mess, and I will have to block it to get it neat again. 

Yes I made some new friends, but I missed out on a wedding, the last niece to tie the knot and leave the Gordon clan. 

Yes I had two fabulous roommates, but they weren’t John.  I actually missed his snoring.  I slept like a baby in my old lumpy bed last night with his music soothing me and welcoming me home. 

I am so glad to be home, and I promise myself that I will not leave home for such a long time ever again… not unless I bring John with me to keep me company. 

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