Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Longaberger Sewing Basket

I totally forgot to announce who won but first have to tell you how the winner was drawn.  My intentions were to have someone at the front desk at the Inn pull the winning ticket, and I would take photos of the drawing and the winning ticket.  However, no one was at the desk when I went there for the drawing.  So I headed down the first floor hallway to find a non-retreater to pull the ticket.  I was sort of hoping one of John’s shopping sisters would do it for me, but instead a poor innocent man was accosted as he came out of his room for his morning coffee. 

I rushed up to him with the basket in over my arm and said can I ask you a favor….  He looked at me strangely, and I certainly understood why, so I said I need someone to draw a winning ticket from this basket.  He said sure, and reached in and pulled one ticket out.  I asked him to fold it in half and hand it to me. 

Then I went to the lobby and asked the husband of one of the retreaters to read the name for me.  Then I asked one of the retreaters to read it out loud, and asked if she knew who that person was.  She said she didn’t know who it was, and I was a bit sad, I’d really hoped someone who was there would know the winner and be able to deliver it in person, saving that person postage. 

So then I read the ticket, and…. The winner was Sandra Rementer a.k.a. Sandie who was sitting at the next table.

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and made a contribution to Relay For Life in hopes of winning the basket.  Your donations will help someone who has hopes of beating cancer.

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  1. congrats sandie! it's a lovely basket...


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