Thursday, November 15, 2012


While I was retreating up in Lancaster County PA we had some really nasty weather.  First on the 19th of October while we were sewing away in the conference room the lights started flickering and acting all weird.  I called the front desk and was told that it might be because of the storm we were having, high winds and sideways rain.  Down in the conference room we were oblivious of the storm, and kept on sewing.  However a few miles away in nearby Paradise an EF 1 tornado touched down and created havoc.    

Then on October 30th Sandy blew in.  Rain and wind beat on the Inn, but we did well, only losing power for seconds.  I wish I could say the same for those who did so much worse. 

On Tuesday Nov 6th we watched a nor’easter come up the coast, crossing our fingers it wouldn’t do any more damage to areas already suffering from Sandy.  They predicted snow for our area, and a few of my ladies decided to come early to avoid traveling in the mush.  Fortunately the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted and everyone arrived safely. 

We saw very little sun while up there, but when we did it was glorious. 


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