Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bone Scan

I had a bone scan today, my first.  I was worried about it, as I always am when I get x-rays.  I don’t handle the “closed room with no windows” very well so x-rays always make me nervous.  To add to my misery, I also had to see the vampires, which I did before the bone scan, so I was hungry and nervous. 

My turn came up, friendly little lady came and took me back to the dreaded room.  She noticed my Nook and started talking about her Kindle and how much she loves it and about all the games she plays even though I told her I only use my nook for reading.  She told me all the books she’s read, all the games she plays and why. 

Something she said about “home” made me ask her where she was from and she replied “New Brunswick”  I said we honeymooned there and asked where, she said St John and I said yes we were there, I remembered the bridge for some reason.  She went on and on about growing up there, yada yada, so on and so forth, just talking constantly. 

I don’t think she ever stopped talking, but I found what she was saying interesting, and then she said “we’re all done.”  I didn’t even know we’d started, LOL!  It may have been five minutes or a half hour, I don’t know.  Time flew by and I wasn’t thinking at all about what was happening and wham it was done.

Thanks Mary from New Brunswick for making my first bone scan so fun. 


  1. I thought you meant New Brunswick in New Jersey ....then I sw honeymoon and thought,no....

  2. even without the chatter, they are a piece of cake. i had one years ago...glad you got thru it so quickly!


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