Saturday, November 24, 2012


We have a rule in our house that animals are not allowed on the furniture.  There are many reasons, including that I don’t like dog or kitty hair on the furniture.  But somehow someone didn’t get the word, and apparently his parents owners don’t care.  

Now, I hope that they read this because I want to explain something.  Some people that visit us are very allergic to cats and dogs, Cheri is just one of them.  And now every time they come to visit us we’ll have to warn them not to sit on the sofa… and at least remind Cheri not to rub her eyes when she is sitting on the sofa.  I’ve used the dust buster but I can’t guarantee that I got all the offending allergens. 

So I hope that next time Roscoe comes to visit he stays off the sofa.  But I sure hope he comes again and often, he’s such fun to have around. 

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