Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quilting overload?

I think I’ve just discovered something about myself, I’m suffering from quilting overload.  Think about it… I’m just recovering from a month long series of quilt retreats.  Four back to back retreats, meaning I did nothing but quilting and quilt related things for a month.

Back up even further, I had eight samples to make, eight.  One for each retreat project, and I did them, and more.  It takes time to make eight samples.  One of the projects I had three samples of although they were not started with pre-cut strips, being 2 1/2 inch strips qualified them as retreat projects. I started in June making four of the remaining seven samples.  In July I made a second sample of one since I didn't like the first one, and two new project samples.  The eighth one was made in August.  Then they had to go to the quilter and what she got quilted I put the bindings on finishing them.  The ones that didn’t get quilted were just shown as tops. 

Packing took me two months too… I started making piles of things to go to the retreats after Labor Day.  Those piles grew and grew until I knew not everything would fit in my car, and eventually I realized not everything would get up there in my car AND John’s pick up, especially if it rained (open back on the pick up truck.)  Thanks to Jackie for taking a load up when she went up shopping before the retreat, otherwise not everything would have made it up there. 

Once I got there everything I did was quilt related or quilt retreat related at least.  That’s 27 days straight of quilt stuff.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  But it didn’t end there… 

Once I got home it took me a day to put away my personal things, and my sewing stuff just got put in the office/sewing room.  I had business to take care of, banking, web pages to update, household things that needed done after 27 days away.  I had a Dr’s appointment, and then tests and x-rays to get.  It took me a day to wash the fabrics I purchased, and then they got piled in the office/sewing room too.  Then I had to clean the machines we used, a Featherweight and two Jems, with other things interrupting that took almost a whole day until I had them ready to go into storage until the next retreat started. 

The piles in the office/sewing room have been sorted, they are getting smaller.  Some of the fabrics went upstairs, some is still in piles on the cutting table.  The toolbox was straightened out and put away…..  I can see the sewing machine again… 

And the house had to be straightened up before Thanksgiving…
And now I truly don’t have any more excuses to not get in the office/sewing room and finish straightening up and get to sewing except…

Well I think I’ve had enough quilting for a while… I think I’ll catch up on my reading instead. 

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