Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday?

Every year for the past I don’t know how many years, the kids would all be here for Thanksgiving, and every year Eric would show up just as we were eating dinner to pay us a visit.  This year as we were getting ready to sit down the door bell rang, but it wasn’t Eric… It was Kevin home from duty in Hawaii.  He took our family Thanksgiving photo and then caught up with us while we ate. 
We sure missed Jon and Steph who went to her family's home in PA and we never did see Eric, wonder what he’s up to this year? 

Recently tradition also has been to scour the ads on line looking for the best Black Friday deals and then head out shopping in the middle of the night.  The kids, not us.  I hate shopping and Black Friday is certainly not my idea of fun.  Well this year was no different, Mike and Kelly headed out shortly after 8 with a list of items to buy and a map to detail where they were going when.  At 5:30 AM they arrived home and announced success before they crawled into bed for a few hours sleep. 

I can happily report I haven’t spent a dime yet today, and unless we need something at the grocery store, I doubt I will. 

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  1. it really is all about family for sure!


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