Monday, January 06, 2014


When I got up around 7:30 this morning my outdoor thermometer read 60.  I thought it was wrong so I checked the weather channel.  It said that my local temperature was 62.  I knew it was going to start off warm today, but not that warm. 

I thought about the kids who headed off to school today.. if that had been me I probably would have tossed my heavy coat back in the house and grabbed a lighter jacket.  I didn’t check weather, what it was was all I was concerned about.  How things have changed.  Now we know and I sure hope all those school kids knew that temperatures would drop drastically today.  It’s down to 42 here already, and they say our low tonight will be around 10…

I was going to run an errand today since it was so “nice” out.  Then the rain came…. It poured buckets.  I decided I would stay home and start a new project. 

I went into the sewing room a.k.a. office and looked around for the fabric I wanted to use.  It was in the tote bag I had put it in when I brought it home from retreat in November.  I knew if I opened that tote I might not get to sewing.. there was other fabric in there that needed to be taken care of. 

But I opened it anyway, it had to be done sooner or later.  I pulled out all the strips and scraps all the ladies gave me (THANKS EVERYONE) for my scrappy log cabin.  I pulled out the black and white strips Carol gave me (THANKS Carol) for my black and white project.  I pulled out a green fabric, 2 1/4 yards, hmmm what was that for?  Found my Baby Disappearing 4-patch and the backing fabric I bought for it, maybe I should work on that?  The three Christmas wall hangings need finishing too.  And on the bottom of the tote was the fabric I thought I’d use first…  thought maybe I’d start a new project… but…


  1. So funny....same thing happens to me so often. Now decision time again. Work on the old; or start new? What will it be Marge?

  2. I wanted to make a sample for the upcoming mystery, all I had was one block. So it was new, LOL!


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