Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do I need this?

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A few people keep after me to “update” my web pages often to make them more… well more what? 

The Google ad man who used to call me at least weekly said that if I updated more often I’d get more visitors.  And according to him that would get me more business.   

Another ad pusher told me that I lacked in search engine marketing, social media connections and mobile advertising.  (My own son keeps pushing the social media thing too… )
Facebook tells me that for $10 a day I could get an estimated 15 to 53 likes per day. 

So let me set them straight… I am satisfied with my web site as it is now.  I don’t want to spend money getting more “hits”, "likes" or business.  My retreats are almost fully booked and advertising them would be redundant, I don’t want to do any more retreats than I am now. Spending any money on advertising would take away from the money I donate to Relay For Life. 

Helping win the battle over cancer is more important to me than getting more hits or likes...

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