Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spam or Junk Mail

I was talking with a friend today about emails that go in the spam or junk mail folders… Sometimes it is a real PITA, and other times… well other times it results in new friends. 

Because my email is published on the internet I get a LOT of junk mail, up to 100 some days, and sometimes a lot more than that.  But I always check it, sometimes three or four times.  Some of my best friends came from my junk mail folder.

Kathy lives in Virginia and she started out as a BOM question which ended up in my junk mail.  I don’t even remember what her question was, probably she found a mistake, but I sure am glad I found her email that day.  She keeps in touch with me almost daily and we’ve even started talking on the telephone, imagine that! 

Janet was in my junk mail, she wanted to sign up for a retreat.  Before she even attended her first one she sent me a deposit for the second one, she wanted to make sure she got a space.  She now comes twice a year (and has been known to show up a week early too…wink) 

I’m not positive, but I think Denny and Carol were junk mail at one time.  They were a little shy about coming to a retreat and not knowing anyone, and they’ve been coming twice a year ever since. 

Cindy in Florida was junk and her question was junk too… right Cindy?  She was looking for a pattern to use up some of her junk fabric, and I remember laughing at her and telling her there was no such thing.  She ended up making a king size junk quilt and kept it for herself. 

Yes junk mail can be a PITA but it can be the beginning of a new friendship too!   

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