Monday, January 20, 2014

I got out

There are a few people who think I am agoraphobic and never leave the house.  Truthfully I do get out of the house more often than people think.  (Just saying… )

Today I went south to visit my dear friend Joan, all the way over the Indian River Inlet and way down state to Ocean View, 25 whole miles away.  Amazingly it’s not near as far to go in the winter as it is in the summer but that might have something to do with summer traffic. 

Anyway I walked in to find her standing at the stove stirring the starts of something that smelled oh so delicious.  She claimed she was making my Beef Barley Soup but it smelled so much yummier than mine ever smelled, she must have a magic touch. 

I really had a hard time leaving, I wanted to stay… for more fun chatting with Joan.  There is something special about her, soup for the soul and I’m not talking about what was on the stove either!

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