Thursday, January 09, 2014


I haven’t blogged for the last few days because I was frozen… well that’s not quite true but it sounded good.  It’s been below freezing and into the single digits here with wind chills below zero, so I did what any good quilter would do… I sewed. 

Mysteries For Relay  has an upcoming mystery (January 18th) and I had only made one block.  I needed a sample and I needed to make sure my pattern made sense.  I made my sample, sent the pattern off to the testers, and then decided I needed to make a sample for the mystery after this one. 

And no I didn't wait for the last minute, I had another quilter who was busy making samples too. 

It’s almost 40 degrees out now and the poor heater is actually getting a break between heating sessions.  I am thankful for our heater and for the service company that comes out and makes sure it is in tip top running order every six months (First Class) 

And then I noticed water spots on the ceiling of the living room… three of them.  They look dry, nothing under them is wet, the floor on the room above is dry and I can’t find anything up there…  sigh… 
I think I’ll go back to sewing, as soon as I find a roofing contractor  


  1. oh my dear, are your gutters frozen up? Best check them - I'm sure you know all about ice damming - but that is my first thought... when the gutters are frozen, and the snow on the roof melts and then runs back in between the first and second floors... hope that is not the problem!!!

  2. Fortunately there was nothing in there to freeze. John cleaned them really good this fall and we had a good rain on Monday. They were dry and empty before the deep freeze set in.


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