Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day

Day late I know but we’ve had some excitement around here and I’m behind on everything. 

Remember the plumbing job done Wednesday… well there was air in the pipes somewhere, and if you’ve ever had air in the pipes you know what that sounds like.  Our toilet sounded like it was taking off every time someone flushed it and the kitchen sink hissed at me so much I was afraid to turn it on. 

That meant the plumber had to come back again, and he did, and he fixed it (bad seal somewhere) and he didn’t charge us for the return visit.  At the same time he noticed the neglected boat in our yard and asked about it… 

I bought the boat from a friend as a Christmas present for John back in 2003.  Many years of enjoyable boating for him (I hate boats) and then an electrical problem came up.  He had neither the knowledge or skill to fix it, so the boat sat there year after year after year. 

Glenn said he was interested in getting it out of our yard and made us an offer, and John happily accepted that offer. 

That however presented us with another problem… where is the title?  I told John he had to have it because he registered the trailer, and to do that, he needed the title.  He said no… but guess who found it in his files after I’d gone through every file I have in the house… 

And that created another problem… it had been some time since I “cleaned out” the files and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three days.  Six bags of shredded papers and we finally have neat and tidy up to date files.  I sure hope it never falls that far behind again. 

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