Saturday, May 03, 2014

Yes but...

Watch this video and then come back here. 

OK, everything he said was true.  So many of us let life go by looking at screens.  I am just as guilty as everyone else.  And if you’ve taken time to read this after watching the video, you are too. 

However..  I have 220 friends according to facebook.  Of those 220, 20 or so are family.  (I’m not wasting time counting to be exact!) 

Of the remaining 200 I’d say about 15% are people I’ve never met in person.  (Again guessing, not wasting time counting.)  And wouldn’t it shock you if I told you that some of those people I am friends with on fb who I have never met are family…  yep.  They are all important to me. 

Then there are the 20% that I met through Relay For Life and haven’t seen for years, some one or two and a few for over five years.  They are all important to me. 

Then there are the quilters who I only see once a year at retreats.  A huge number of my facebook friends are quilters, I guess at least half of them, maybe a bit more.  Interestingly none of my family are quilters and none of my Relay friends are quilters.  They are all important to me. 

My very best friend is not even on facebook, but we use the little screens to communicate, text messages and email.  And she like the majority of my friends do not live close to me, most are hundreds of miles away.  And that makes the little screens, computer and cell phone, very important to me.  They are my way to keep in touch with my friends. 

So yes, we need to get out there and live life to its fullest, and see all the world we can see, and enjoy nature and all that good stuff…  but we also need to share what we see and learn with our friends by way of the little screens… computers and cell phones. 

Just learn to put those little screens away when you are with those friends and family. 

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