Wednesday, May 07, 2014

What I did today….

This morning I woke up to a beautiful day.  I decided to hose down the porch and then remembered that we didn’t have an outside hose anymore.  The faucet had snapped off last fall and the resident un-plumber had done more damage trying to fix it, so there was no outside water at all. 

So I called our friend the plumber.  Actually he’s a friend of our son Jonathon, but we’d called on him before and I knew he would do a great job whatever we asked him to do.  He said he’d be here shortly after noon.  He arrived at 12:09.

While under the house fixing the broken pipes and replacing the outside faucet he couldn’t help but hear the pump running, and said there was something wrong with it.  We’d suspected that for a while, but…  Well Glenn said that it might last a few more days, or it might last another month, but it needed to be replaced.  And since he was here anyway… 

When you live in the country and the pump is being replaced that means you don’t have any water.  Fortunately I had water stored for such emergencies, but not enough to finish my spring cleaning, so I took a day off.  And since my fabric still hasn’t gotten here I couldn’t sew, so I did the next best thing, played with Electric Quilt. I had an idea, and it worked, nicely if I do say so myself, and a new mystery is now in the works. 

Glen left at 4:30 with a huge check… well it was a normal size check with big numbers written on it.  But we have a new pump and new bladder and an outside faucet once again.  It’s too late to start cleaning another room now, so I’ll resume spring cleaning tomorrow, unless UPS brings me a package later today!


  1. got to play with no guilty feelings; and were actually very productive! Now you have water outside; and don't have to worry the pump will fail at the wrong time. Sounds like a very good day (except the checkbook balance is reduced more than expected). You are very lucky to have such a good plumber too.

  2. And I don't have to rinse down the porch, at least not today... it rained last night


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