Monday, May 19, 2014

Still gardening?

Kathy wanted to know if I was still gardening or if I’d gone off on vacation again… hardly.  But it’s nice she’s checking on me. 

Actually I’ve spent a lot of time, 15 minutes of every waking hour, with either ice packs or hot pads on my face.  I had those annoying bumps removed from my eyes and right now I’m thinking the bumps were easier than this “recovery” period.  But I guess I’m just a whiner because it really isn’t that bad. 

What makes it most uncomfortable is that I have an antibiotic ointment that I have to put on my eyes four times a day.  And when I put it on I’m guaranteed almost a full hour of blurry vision. 
So my day goes….
8ish - Get up apply ice to reduce the swelling 
15 minutes later apply antibiotic ointment
Hour later, more ice if needed and if not then a hot pack
15 minutes later I can do what I want, IF my vision is clear enough for me to see, which it usually hasn't.
Hour later, hot pack
15 minutes later usually vision is clear and I check email, facebook and then whatever I have time for before another hot pack
15 minutes later apply antibiotic ointment
Hour later, hot pack
And so on…

When my vision is clear I’ve been working on future BOMs and possible mysteries.  But honestly, I’m not getting a lot done.  And that blue fabric I'd been waiting for... yep it's here now.  


  1. Oh gee....not fun. I can understand you might think the bumps were better than what you are going through now. Relax......the universe has decided to make you have to take time off. OmhhhhhhhhOmhhhhhhhh. Better days are coming.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. Hang in there Marge. You will get to the point of just being able to see as well as you usually do. Note I didn't say anything like better than before or perfectly. Glad to hear you are working on future blocks and mysteries.


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