Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Neighbors

So I’m standing at the kitchen sink overlooking the back 40 and I see a very plump squirrel scampering across the yard.  Hmmmm that's pretty round for a squirrel… so I put on my glasses and look again.  That’s no squirrel, it’s a miniature groundhog and there’s another one and another one and hold on a minute. 
left is Mom (I think), center Chuckie and right is baby#1
Sure enough after careful observation we have a new family in the neighborhood.  Chuckie’s bachelor days are over and his girlfriend and at least 5 babies have moved into the woodpile.  


  1. So when does Groundhog Day start at your house Marge?

  2. Our resident groundhog has 3 babies...she sits in the grass and watches them play. So darn cute!

  3. we have a resident woodchuck...fearless of humans....


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