Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another funny call

Ring Ring , I answered it, it was a local call.  Woman’s voice says “Hi Jen, you won’t believe this” and I interrupt and say you have the wrong number.  “Oh sorry” and hung up. 

Ring Ring again, same number, I answer and say wrong number, she says sorry and hangs up again. 

Ring Ring yet again, and I answer and say I really am sorry but you have the wrong number.  She says she can’t possibly be calling the wrong number because she’s hitting redial…. I hung up. 

She didn’t call back, so I guess she figured it out… I hope she got as good a giggle as I did. 

In the meantime I’ve been sewing, after unsuccessfully piecing a backing… cutting wrong not once but twice.  15 and 15 do not equal 37 1/2 even if you add 2 1/2 inches to it.  I know, I tried, twice.  When I finally got the backing right I put it together with the front and sewed… all the way around… and forgot to leave a space to turn it right side out.

And at the same time all that was happening, I was printing patterns for the fall retreats.  100 copies of 14 pages.  I think I wore the printer out.  First it started rejecting my paper, saying the wrong paper was detected.  Same paper I have always used and it never thought it was wrong before.  Then it started printing in B&W.  I checked the settings, they say to print in color, printed a test page, it was in color, printed the pattern page, it was in B&W.  Checked it all again, looked OK, B&W again.  So I changed the ink cartridges, new color and new black, and printed a test page, it was in color, printed the pattern page… B&W… 

I’m going to take a long nap, wake me up when it’s over.   

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