Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I was going to….

I was going to run some errands this afternoon, but after the morning I’ve had I’m not leaving the house.  It all started with one of those phone calls you hate to get… I was barely out of bed, hadn’t even had my morning coffee when the phone rang… it was my credit card company asking me if I had charged something on a web site.

Well… lets see.  In the last few days I’ve probably charged six things on different web sites, plus my web site itself was due for payment which went automatically on my credit card every year and… well yes, I had used my credit card on line.  However I did not charge that amount anywhere and I had no idea what the company was. 

I called John real quick to make sure he hadn’t, and he hadn’t, so we cancelled the credit card.  A new one will come by overnight and I should get it tomorrow. No problem

…. now all those charges I’ve done in the past few days… if they hadn’t run them through yet they would be declined.  Problem was, I had a lady coming to get a sewing lesson and I couldn’t take time to check the web site and see what charges had gone through and which ones hadn’t.  She arrived, we started our lesson, and the phone started ringing. 

First a well known quilter who I had purchased from calls; quick explanation and I get her number to call her back when I have a new card. 
Lesson over, my friend went home... 

Phone rings, such-n-such company, yes my credit card has been compromised and the number I gave you isn’t good anymore and I can’t give you a new number until tomorrow sometime. 

Then another company just letting me know that my charge had been denied.  I said I would mail them a check. 

I sit down to check the account on line… it’s not there.  Of course not, we cancelled the card, they took it down and it won’t be back for four days. 


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  1. Scary thought but thanks for the post. Will have to be slightly more attentive when checking the transactions on my credit card.


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