Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I just got an interesting call

The phone rang, caller ID said NY and since I have a lot of retreaters from NY I answered it.  I knew it was trouble when there was a pause, then a click and then finally a voice.  “Is this person a computer operator?”  I said excuse me… in that tone, you know, like "are you real?" tone.  It replied “I am assuming you are a computer operator using windows I am correct?”  I said yes and hung up. 
Well at least it was more fun than the political calls I’ve been getting.  Have I decided who to vote for?  Yes I have.  I’m voting for the same person I’ve voted for all my life and I can’t understand why he hasn’t been elected….   If they even ask who I tell them, Mickey Mouse…  but usually they don’t even ask and I just hang up. 

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