Saturday, August 18, 2012

TGIF on Saturday

I just plain forgot to blog yesterday, honest. The day came and went and I seem to have gotten nothing done, although I’m sure I was busy all day.  One thing I worked on were these potted plants.  I call them quilters’ plants because you can forget about them for weeks at a time and they just keep on growing.  And they love making babies, even when you ignore them, so there are always more plants coming. 
Cheri and I decided to put some of the babies in these neat ceramic pots and sell them to raise money for Relay.  When I planted the first few I wasn’t sure how they would look in these pots, but I think they look terrific, so yesterday I planted some more.  I really love them and will have a hard time giving them up…. but anything for Relay.

What’s on today’s agenda.. a little bit of sewing, some reading and who knows what else!  I want to find something upstairs in the old sewing room so that will be my next job… and it might be a big job, like finding a needle in a haystack kind of job…  wish me luck!

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