Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of another year!

Friday is the last day of Relay 2012, hard to believe.  I want to thank all of the donors who helped the Delaware Quilts East Sussex Relay For Life team raise $11,216. 

Serendipity Quilt Shop, Patchwork Angels Quilt Shop, The Pin Peddlers Inc, all the Mysteries For Relay members, and Amy Oswald, Anita Kendall, Ann Clouser, Anne Driskill, Anne Vaughan, Annette Aponte, Annie Burrell, Atlantic Auto Repair LLC, Barbara Green, Barbara Klaver, Barbara Waldrip, Beverly Barnes, Bonnie Stapleton, Candy Beardsley, Carol Divis, Carol Wright, Carole Baker, Caroline Rader, Cathie Lypowy, Colleen Renno, Curves, Deb Wood, Debra Riker, Donna Redmond, Donna Russell, Ella Taylor, Francis Pfeiffer, G. Oliphant, Gail Frenz, Gail Felin, Gail Nemcic, Geri Gaskill, Grace Bishop, Grace Thorne, Gregg Sharp, Helen Peters, Irene Paulus, Jackie Herbert, Jamee Smith, Jan Davis, Jane Smith, Janet Covey, Janet Evans, Janet Haragos, Janice Sharp, Jean Jacobs, Jerry Hacker, Joan Kehoe, JoAnne Braga, Joanne Harris, John Gordon, Joseph Woods, Julia Larson, Julie Treacy, Julie Gebauer, Karen King, Karen Rhoads, Karen Sage, Kathleen Nyman, Kathryn Miller, Kathy Hartman, Kathy Cutler, Kristine Fallon, Lawreen Murphy, Lillian VanderKuur, Luanda Reese, Lydia Pochedly, Marge Hicks, Marianne Urban, Marie Crane, Mary Jo Murray, MaryAnn Scanlon, Maureen Schneeberger, Meloney Funk, Michael Cannon, Michele Engebretson, Nancy Huffaker, Nancy Park, Nancy Hull, Nancy Brodeur, Nancy Huffaker, Nancy Park, Nancy Sue Phillips, Norm and Doris Featherston, Pam Clifton, Pam Davis, Pat Elsner, Patricia McMichael, Patricia Poppinga, Patty Stephens, Peggy Hartnett, Rita Litts, Robyn Hershey, Rose Oswald, Rosemary Heideman, Ruth's Bethany Bakery, Sandi Timmons, Sandra Rementer, Sarolyn Dawson, Sharon Gordon-Patterson, Shellie Leskinen, Sherril McGann, Sue Hoppe, Susan Rizzi, Susan Lock, Tamara Krumwiede, Tara Fairchild, Terry Wright, Terry Lee, Terry Enfield, Toddy Parkhurst, Verdena Polley, Veronica Bona, Vivian Mihalakis, Wendy Reich, William Haughey, everyone who purchased a pattern and all of the Retreaters.

Thank you all for your support and for helping people fight back against cancer.  We will win this fight!

A new year starts on Saturday!

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