Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aww, come on - tell us where the next retreat is going to be.

Wow, you ladies are curious aren’t you, LOL! That was just the one comment left here, the other ladies sent emails asking where we were going to be.

Well I’m sorry, I am not quite ready to reveal the secret yet, but I will tell you that everyone is going to LOVE it. If you thought our old place was perfect, then this is beyond perfect. The rooms are gorgeous, and every room has a microwave and small frig. The view is spectacular from most rooms (but not all), and the conference room is bigger than what we are used to. There is a complimentary breakfast EVERYDAY including baked oatmeal , bacon & sausage , made-to-order eggs & omelets , country potatoes , oatmeal and cold cereals , made-to-order waffles , fresh fruits, bagels, breads & muffins , juices, hot & cold beverages. There is a pool and a hot tub, open much later then you-know-where.

There are some down points, the conference room and our sleeping rooms will not be on the same floor, but there is an elevator. The conference room will not have unlimited beverages, but they will be available in the guest room one floor up, and that includes cappuccinos (SP?).

Having said all that, the cost will be a bit higher starting with Spring 2010, but they have agreed to keep the price the same for the 2009 Retreats, giving everyone a chance to see and fall in love with the new place. The conference room will never be an issue again, I will pay separately for it, and we will be guaranteed use of it regardless of how big our group is. And I am pretty sure I will be able to have more retreaters at each retreat, since the conference room is SO much larger.

I will let everyone know more as soon as I am home on Monday, so look for an informative email then! (Or maybe Tuesday, just incase I can't get home Monday) But here is a hint...

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  1. Okay Marge, we've waited long enough. Where are we going?


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