Thursday, May 07, 2009

This little light and the BIG bright one in the sky

Update… the previous post mentioned AC problems, well they fixed that, sort of. The unit that switched from heat to AC was broken, so they turned off the heat. We were cool for the last day of that heat wave, and froze until yesterday, when the temperature went up outside and the repair man finally came and fixed the system.

This week has been totally insane, working on too many things at once, and complications being thrown at me left and right. There was a point where I honestly thought I was done for, giving it all up and leaving town… but a good nights sleep and things looked different, so I’m still here.

Tomorrow is Relay, and I can’t wait. We’ve had horrible, HORRIBLE, weather, but today the sun came out and hopefully it will stay out. Regardless we’ve raised over $85,000 so far and I’m sure lots more will come in tomorrow.

I won’t be posting much, too busy. As soon as Relay is over I have other unfinished business to take care of. Sooner or later life has to settle down and let me get back to what ever normal is.

One of my Relay related side chores today has been listening to suggested music for the Luminaria Ceremony. I love music, and it was a pleasure. I suggested this song, and in my head can see all the Relayers walking around the track clapping their hands and singing away….

Now let’s hope the sun shines and the candles burn brightly at Relay tomorrow! 

Help me fight back against cancer!

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