Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am living in a Twilight Zone

I am living in a Twilight Zone. Yesterday morning I was being ignored and feeling just a little bit like I was wasting my time… then she took a nap, and woke up her old self again, and things started changing so fast my mind is still spinning.

After her very short nap, she got up and came into the living room where I was reading. I asked her if she’d like to go out and she said it was too miserable to go out, and left the room again, returning with her rain coat on and purse in her hands. We went to the Post Office to check on her mail, which she hadn’t gotten since leaving NY, and then we went to grocery shopping where she bought some groceries for herself and even paid for them herself.

We went home and ate lunch and afterwards we sat down and talked. It was like the good old days again, some of the same old stories too, but she talked and seemed like the good old her again.

She soon tired and went for another nap and after an hour or so her phone rang. Five minutes later she came out with her arms folded in front of her and announced to me that her friend who had called thought I should go home. I said I didn’t care what the friend thought, I wanted to know what she thought. She looked at me strangely and I said it again. “I don’t care what your friend thinks, I want to know what you think.” After about a ten minute conversation I said to her that I thought she was just fine and that I was thinking of going home anyway. (Which I was, happily)

Remember how you felt when you left your child home alone for the first time ever… well that’s how we felt last night. It was only complicated by the fact that our house phone is dead, again, and that for some odd reason we can’t get cell phone signals very clearly, and the internet won’t connect either… thus the Twilight Zone feeling.

But last night I slept in my own bed with my husband and his snoring didn’t bother me one little bit. It was music to my ears!

Cell phones off and on all day today, but I have managed to get a few calls. Internet off and on, but I’ve gotten some work done. And the house phone is still dead.

And all is well in my Twilight Zone

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