Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dreary Tuesday, in more ways than one

I am back with my friend again, after a lovely weekend of house cleaning in my own home. I’d like to report home is 100% clean, but the rain got the better of me and I didn’t get the kitchen done. Straightened out yes, but the floor still needs mopping.

After a weekend away, I wasn’t sure how my reception would be here. This morning she was up early, but stayed in her own room until 20 past 7. Today I am being talked to, but only when she wants to talk to me, my words are floating around and being ignored… that kind of day.

I suggested we go to the store, too miserable to go anywhere. I offered to make coffee, she didn’t want any.

She called a friend, and I heard her tell that person that she didn’t know her address or phone number, we hadn’t told her, although I have given her two dozen business cards with her name, address, phone number on them (with ICE numbers on the back). And just now at 9:55AM, she announced to the cats she didn’t want to go anywhere today and was going back to bed.

I want to be home, or with my old friend, the one who would sit for hours and talk to me about the good old times… the only times she remembered.

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