Thursday, May 21, 2009

My friend

We’ve moved my friend closer to us so I can keep an eye on her. I knew before we moved her that there would be an adjustment period, her Doctors warned us the move wouldn’t be easy. They were certainly right there.

The new place is very nice, much smaller and cozier, although still big enough to be comfortable and not at all tiny and imprisoning like the home would be. When she and I came in her furniture was all nicely arranged, thanks to some very understanding movers. Most of the boxes were stored in the spare bedroom or garage, with only a few left out. Those boxes we emptied the first day, arranging the kitchen so everything was easy to find.

The second day here we emptied some more boxes, making sure she was helping put stuff away, hoping she would remember where things went. We took her out for a nice dinner and showed her around town a little. She had been here many times before, but there have been so many changes, it’s all new to her all over again.

The third day was horrible, for me at least. She was snappy and moody, and no matter what I did I was wrong. I took her grocery shopping, even though she said she didn’t need anything at all…. The refrigerator was totally empty and the only other food in the house was cat food. She insisted she didn’t need anything at all, but managed to buy $97 worth of stuff… well I bought it, since she didn’t need anything, and wasn’t offering to pay when we were at the checkout.

We had to run into town to take care of some paperwork for utilities, but she refused to get out of the car. And when we got home, she snapped at poor John, who was only trying to help her.

Yesterday was much better, we took a nice drive through town, I showed her all of the pretty houses, then went out to the beach. She didn’t want to get out of the car, so we just drove all around enjoying the view. She decided it was lunch time, so I went back in town, and since it is almost summer, had to find a parking place before we could find a place to eat. I was afraid she wouldn’t want to get out, but I guess her hunger was getting the best of her, and she seemed to enjoy the walk down the cozy streets as we looks for something she would like. We finally settled for a small cozy place and enjoyed salads for lunch.

Then we came home, and she napped, while I caught up on some of my work. After nap, dinner, and almost immediately after dinner she was ready for bed. Her light was out at 6:20.

Today I’m not here, or at least she isn’t talking to me. I ask her questions and get no answers. She won’t even acknowledge me. She has gone into her bedroom and shut the door…

I am sad to see my friend this way. I miss the old her. But I think she is gone. Maybe this move wasn’t the right thing… maybe we should have just let her move into a home. No, they aren’t homes, they are prisons for the mindless, and I do think she has a mind in there
somewhere… it will come back, even if just for a few minutes each day.

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