Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

This time last year we had a kitten visiting us. This year we have an older dog, Bounce, who is Steph’s dog. Luckily Steph and Jon are here too, and it’s been a fun holiday. Our Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful, lots of food, too much, and a full table. Sean, Deidra and Xion, Pop and Arden, and the six of us… Mike and Kelly, Jonathon and Steph, John and Marge.

This morning was exciting, although it started way to early for me. But that’s my own fault, since I am a light sleeper, and hear every little noise in the house. At 3AM Jonathon and Steph were up checking on line Black Friday specials. They were hoping to get a TV, but failed… so they went back to bed, and so did I.

Then they were up again, but I slept through, as they left to go deal hunting locally. Again they were after that TV, but WalMart was a mob scene, so they left there and went to Staples. They had much better luck there, and both Steph and Kelly now have brand new laptops.

I did wake up when they got home at 7:20, and have been up ever since, watching Jonathon and Steph play with her new lap top. They just gave up and went to take a nap, so here I am. I think I might do some Black Friday shopping too… wonder what I can find?

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