Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grocery shopping done

Grocery shopping is done. Well almost, you know how that goes, you always need something. We went shopping last night after an enjoyable but loud dinner out with Kelly and Mike for Kelly’s b’day. She picked a restaurant that just happened to be hosting a charity benefit, and was packed and loud, but we managed to get a table, and had a nice meal. Only the conversation was lacking, since we could barely hear ourselves over the music. But since it was for a good cause, we put up with it, and the food was great.

Don’t get me started on loud music… I hate it. No that’s an understatement, I despise it. (Which is stronger, hate or despise?) And in a restaurant, even more. People go there to eat, not have their ear drums blasted out. Recently we dined out at a nice little place, and I actually asked them to turn the TV down. We were the only ones in that dining area, and didn’t care to watch or hear the football game in progress, but wanted to talk. The waitress was happy to mute it, her team was losing.

But back to grocery shopping… it was delightful. We got there about 7:30 or so and had the store to ourselves. There were people there stocking shelves, preparing for the pre-Thanksgiving rush, and us, pre-pre-Thanksgiving rushing. I don’t think we passed another shopper in an isle until we reached the dairy section. We got almost everything we needed, and even put off a few things.

A manager was stocking a display of butter and crescent rolls, and I asked him if he would be upset if I took some from his display. He said I could but I should wait till Friday when they would be much cheaper. “How much?” I asked, since I hate shopping so much. I’ll go back on Friday to get my three packages of cheaper crescent rolls and free butter.

And they were out of celery, which I have to have for stuffing.

When we got home, and most of the food put away, I decided to add a few more goodies to the menu. I decided to add some other family favorites, which I need to look the recipes up for, and make sure I have all the ingredients. I know I need orange and lemon jell-o for one.

So back to the grocery store again, I hope we can have the place to ourselves again!

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