Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I’m just killing time

Not much else to do…. Well that’s not true, there are a billion things to be done, I just can’t do any of them right now. My to do list is longer and longer every day, and my knees hurt more every day too. Surgery can’t come soon enough for me.

Next week is Thanksgiving. Confession, last week I thought it was this week, thankfully my friend Marge set me straight. (Yes I have a friend named Marge, she lives in Arkansas, and no, I am not talking to myself. Although it sure looks that way when we chat, Marge Says Marge Says Marge Says… even I have to admit it looks comical.)

If Thanksgiving had been this week, I would be a mess right now… the house is a mess, the grocery shopping hasn’t been done, and I’m just not ready for a major holiday.

It will be interesting, I have to go off of my pain medicines on Monday, so by Thursday I would be just jolly… not… but the day will go on, no matter how I feel. It won’t be the first time I’ve cooked under the weather, and probably won’t be the last time either.

Right now I’m not even sure how many are coming for dinner, better make some phone calls. I know for sure right now it will be six, with a possible five more… I think I can handle that.

So to kill time, here I am, blog hopping. Perhaps I should get back to those new patterns I am working on. Two have gone out to testers, two more are in final stages and are almost ready to go out. Two more are no where near ready to be checked, guess I will work on those for a while. Maybe…

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