Monday, November 16, 2009

She met Jeff

I have an internet friend, one I have never met in person, but one who is so special to me I call her Santa. Actually she has been Santa for the last five years or so, hosting a really fun holiday swap. She assigned us a person to gift and of course assigned someone to gift us. One night close to Christmas we got together on line on some chat program, which ever one worked for the majority of us, and opened our gifts. Fun Fun Fun!

Reading our bios, we soon discovered that we were both Survivor fans. That gave us a lot to talk about, who we wanted to get voted out, who we liked and didn’t like, etc.

I believe it was the first year I was assigned to give Santa her presents, so I gave her a survivor care package. She enjoyed it tremendously. And to me reading her opening it was the best Christmas present I could ask for… Fun Fun Fun!

A following year, it may have even been the next one, Santa gave to me and got even, sending me a Survivor care package. It was a hoot, and I still have much of it tucked around here and there. Fun Fun Fun!

Well the other day I got an email from Santa, she had her one of her dreams come true, she met Jeff . She told the whole story in her email, but I’m only going to share part of it with you…

I MET JEFF. You would never believe this but I was on a flight to Reno (by way of San Jose). I walked into the line and prepared to board my flight. As I was waiting, I saw him go by very briefly. I thought "NO WAY... IS THAT HIM?? The dimples gave him away, but could I really tell it was him?” So I boarded right behind the Business Class, and onto the plane. I looked down, then up and there he was!! I quietly said "Jeff??" and he looked up and said "Yes?" and that's when I just about died!

Jealous, you bet I am, but oh so happy for her, lucky gal she is! Being the true friend that she is, she shared with me this picture, which I now share with you. Santa and Jeff, wow! Fun Fun Fun!
PS, I would have just walked by him, afraid to say anything at all and sat there trying to think of something clever to say and probably never said anything and regretted it the rest of my survivor life.

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