Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm home

I’m back home in Delaware, and almost caught up from my time away at the retreat. Oh what a great retreat it was… seeing old friends, making new ones, lot of giggles, more laughter, and just a general all around good time. The November photos can be viewed at http://delawarequilts.com/Retreat/2009/November/ if you really want to see them.

I did some sewing myself, up to step four, the squaring up part, on the November mystery. Since I have a hard time cutting while sitting, those blocks may sit a while before I get to squaring them. I’m anxious to get them done, I love the scrappy look of my blocks and can’t wait to see them all put together.

Doing a mystery on line and at the retreat was fun, except when I couldn’t get on line. Thankfully it was a work day for many of the on-line ladies, so they made do until I got connected again. And the retreaters were so busy shopping, they were keeping up with the on line ladies at the end. I just may do double mysteries again in the future.

I’ve had a few requests from non-retreaters or Mysteries For Relay members for the pattern, so I need to come up with a name for it, and convert it to a pattern, so I can add it to my Patterns For Relay page. One retreater who had made the “other” pattern similar to mine said that my way was much easier, and ten times as fast, so much so she was going home to make a second one of mine. Hope she remembers to send me a photo.

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