Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don’t remember all of our, the Gordon family's, Thanksgivings in detail, but I know we always had a great meal, together as a family. Even the year we ate at a German McDonalds, since our household goods had been packed up to be shipped back to the US, and McDonalds was the only place we could find open when it was dinner time.

One year recently I couldn’t get my boys to tell me if they were coming home for Thanksgiving dinner or going to their girlfriends’ homes. I had told them that when they found that one special lady, the one they wanted to stay with forever, that she became their family and their place on holidays was with her and where she wanted to be. I want them to have their own family traditions, and if having Thanksgiving dinner with her family was it, then that was where they belonged. I knew some year those special ladies would take my boys away, but that’s life…

Anyway, I when I asked, neither boy could say for sure if they were coming home or not, so I decided to make Thanksgiving easier… I cooked lasagna. MUCH easier than all the turkey fixings, and we all love it. Jonathon didn’t make it home, but Mike did, and he was just slightly miffed with me. Not so much because of the lasagna, but because we didn’t have pumpkin pie, LOL. Now when I ask if they are coming home, they do their best to let me know their plans as soon as they can.

This year both Jonathon and Michael will be home, with their special ladies who have become special to us too, and I hope will stay a part of our family forever. And Pop, Arden and Sean, who I think have shared Thanksgiving dinner with us almost every year since we moved here.

All of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving are my family and friends.

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