Monday, October 08, 2012

Fall is here

Today was a pleasantly relaxing day.  Oh I did some laundry, and I did some housecleaning, but that’s about it.  Today was a day to relax and catch up with me.  
And the weather was perfect for it, dreary and cold.  Yes cold.. not chilly, but darn right cold.  When I got up this morning it was only 44 outside, and after waking up to 78 a few days ago, it was a shock to my system.  But it felt so good!  The air was crisp and clean and it smelled like fall outside. 

So, what could be better on a cold damp day like today than a nice fire… only I had to wait for the gas man to come hook up the new fireplace.  He arrived, did his job and left… and by then it had warmed up enough I could hardly justify turning it on.  But I did, just to take this picture.

Now I can’t wait for another day like today to turn on the fire and sit and read a good book, or do hand work on a quilt… 

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