Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Getting readier

So I’m getting ready for the upcoming retreats… yea I know …. you’ve been hearing that for months…. Well now I only have two weeks left and I am still getting ready.  I have all the patterns printed, the Bali Pops ready for those who ordered them and extras for who will want them once they see them… I have quilts for Bob’s, quilts for samples, scraps for who knows what… and it occurred to me… what am I going to sew while there? 
SO… I have a sample that needs binding, I have to do that for sure. 

I’ve pulled a UFO, simple table runner that needs quilting, I will do that.
And I have another strings quilt that needs finishing, I will do that.

And I have three new designs I want to test, I will try those. 
And I have about two dozen other ideas I want to try, and I still have 39 UFOs I could work on too… but… 

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