Monday, October 01, 2012

The Doctor says...

First let’s get one thing very clear, I do not watch daytime TV.  I certainly don’t watch any Dr shows.  Many many years ago I did, I was addicted to General Hospital as a young adult.  I gave it up when my son was born and became addicted to motherhood instead.  That child turned 30 this year, so it’s been that long since I watched any DR shows on TV.  

Now I keep seeing these ads in different places on the internet.  On the sidebar of my email it screams to me “Raspberry Pill Melts Fat  - "Celebrity Doctor Exposes One Weird Fruit That Melts Fat Fast...” Well if a Doctor on TV says that, it has to be true, you know that.  However, I’ve been eating raspberries for years, and no fat has melted from my body. 

But this one really got to me, another recommendation of a celebrity Doctor, maybe even the same one for all I know…   “Green Coffee Melts Fat - Participants Using Green Coffee Bean Lost An Avg Of 17Lbs” 
Seventeen pounds.. wow… I only want to lose a few, not that much.  And if the average loss was 17 pounds surely I can lose the 5 I want to lose, right?  And if I happen to lose more, well that’s OK.  Maybe I’ll try this green coffee. 

At first I didn’t find any green coffee in the coffee section at the super market.  Green tea yes, but no green coffee.  Then when I finally found it, in the pill isle, it didn’t come in decaf.  I have enough trouble sleeping as is, I don’t need any more caffeine. 

But I bought a bottle anyway, the pharmacist said there wasn’t anything in it that would react adversely with my medicines.  And she suggested I take it only in the morning, that way the caffeine would wear off by night. 

I took the green coffee every morning.  When the bottle was empty, I got on the scale.  I’m not impressed… I may have lost 17 pounds… 

But I found 16 of them again. 

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  1. Those "lost" pounds always seem to find me again, too. ;oD


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