Sunday, October 07, 2012

More Goodies

So I’m going through my stash looking for things to use while on retreat and I find a zip lock bag of these wild metallic fabrics.  I have no idea at all when I bought them, but I’m pretty sure I did.... and I think it may have been when a friend, her DH and I were visiting Lancaster a long time ago… you know… her evil influence forced me to buy them… maybe?  Since I’ve never used them, and since I really don’t know how to use them, I am taking them to the retreat with me. 

First I washed them… I wish the metallic in them was real, most of the gold washed off and the water looked like something from a gold miners sifting gold pan. 
And I also found some fat quarters that I think will go with that bold fabric I got from Peggy.   It’s in the washer now. 

I’m getting more and more ready and it’s a good thing, only 10 days now. 

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