Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another finish

This was a quickie quilt I put together to use up some batik scraps, and then because I liked my sample so much, I made it a Mystery For Relay quilt, and I think the ladies liked it too.  It really is very easy and I think makes a great quilt… and I plan to make a few more like it. 

I’m making quilts for Bob’s Blankie Brigade and want to give them at least a few finished quilts.  I know she’s willing to take tops too, but that takes her time to finish them before she can donate them.  As long as it’s small enough that I can quilt it myself, I will.  But it’s nice to know that I have a home for samples I make but can’t quilt myself.  (And there isn't enough $ for me to pay to have them all quilted!)

A while ago someone asked me why I make quilts and then just give them away… well I enjoy making quilts, seeing what I can do with fabric, and how my ideas look when I’m done sewing them.  But I can only use so many quilts here at home, after all there are just two of us, and one of use sleeps under a sheet most of the time (dang hot flashes)  As is I have a pretty good collection of “favorite” quilts, over 200.  Plus the 40some UFOs, and I won’t even try to figure out how many more quilts are left to make in my stash! 

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  1. That a great quilt. What number is it or is it one of the five or six you gave us last fall? I don't really need to start anything new but....


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