Friday, August 16, 2013

Finish UFO or start new one?

I went into the sewing room to decide if I should start a new project or work on a UFO.  I saw a bag of fabric and kind of remembered what I was making with it.  So I decided I would finish that project next. 

I put all the other projects away and cleaned off the cutting table, organizing my batik scraps as I went.  I neatly folded the three quilts that need binding sewn on my machine into a pile, put away all the kits I’ve made to do in the future, all the time thinking about that bright project I was going to be working on. 

I kind of remembered starting it at the fall retreats last year….  I opened up the bag to figure out where I was on that project… and… well I hadn’t started it at all… it was just fabric.  Not even a pattern. 

So I’m going to sew binding on a smaller quilt to get that out of the sewing room (and on to my quilts waiting hand work pile) And then I’ll start that project, which won’t be anything like I was remembering because now I have an even better idea for that fabric!


  1. Ooh something new coming from your creative mind!

    1. Nothing new to the quilting world, just new to me, sorry!


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