Friday, August 09, 2013

Someone missed me…

Well actually two someones, thanks Kathy and Ginny.  I’m OK, just kind of forgot to blog about the mundane things happening here.  Not much really.

Let’s see… Monday was phone change day.  Long story short, Verizon wanted to upgrade our phone lines to fiber-optic, but that would mean no phone when power went out.  Which is why we’ve kept the house phone, we live in a dead zone cell phone wise and needed something in an emergency when power went out.  But since they “had to” upgrade us, I decided I wasn’t paying $60 a month for a phone that I can’t use when the power goes out, so we switched to digital phone from our cable company, saving us over $30 a month.  (Yes I know that won’t work when power goes out either, but I’m saving over $30 a month and we’ve been told our new cell phones will work better, so it was a win win for us)
Tuesday I went down state to visit with two dear friends, Denny and Joan.  We had planned on sewing, but you know how we quilters are… all we did was talk and talk and talk and eat and talk and talk some more.  It was a great day, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Wednesday I had a Drs appointment with my rheumatologist; good news I can reduce my prednisone to 5mg daily!  Hopefully this time it will reduce with no flare ups.  After my appointment I went with Joan to pick up quilts from the quilter, and drop off three.  Two HUGE quilts picked up, 86 inches square and 98 by 92.  These will take forever to get the bindings on. 
Thursday when I took my shower I felt something funny while scrubbing my back.  My scrubber sort of got hung up on something, and then it seems to fall away.  I looked but whatever it was washed down the drain.  When I’d dried off I looked best I could at my back and could only see a small red circle…   With my recent history of infections I decided I’d better get it checked out, I was thinking tick and I wanted to make sure it was all gone. 

So another trip to the Doc’s office.  It was clean, nothing there but a red rash circle, so we’re assuming it was a tick and now I am on antibiotics.  Again… third time this summer. 
Thursday I had posted a photo on facebook of my Aunt Grace Zig Zag which was of one of the biggies I had picked up.  I stated clearly that it wasn’t for sale.  This morning I had a private message from someone I don’t know asking me how much for my Aunt Grace Zig Zag.  I replied it is not for sale.  He said “Come on, everything is for sale.”   So I replied that I wanted $1 for every piece of fabric in it plus the quilting.  He asked “So how much?”  Wow, maybe he was really interested in buying it.  But I’m not interested in making another one, and I want this one for my own bed.  But hey, I could use some extra money for Relay, and to pay for all the quilting that needs to be done…

So I replied….  Let’s see…  guesstimating here, there are about 1150 pieces of prints, plus 154 solid squares and the quilting makes it about $1504… and you have to put the binding on yourself!.  

No reply yet… 

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