Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy weekend and Monday dilemma

We had company on Saturday.  Mike and Kelly and Grandpup Roscoe came for a short visit.  Mike and Kelly had some business to take care of, so while they were occupied with that, we happily took care of Roscoe.  Poor pup lives in an apartment in the city, so he loves coming to visit our yard and run around and play, chasing birds and barking at the resident groundhog.  Fortunately the yard is partially fenced so he can’t get that groundhog.

While he was here I made a disappearing nine patch.  They were all the rage for a while and I didn’t get into it, but I had this fabric I wanted to make a charity quilt with and that seemed like a good idea.  (Yes Bonnie, that was the something new coming from my creative mind, sorry to disappoint you.)  I started and finished it too, and even put together a backing for it.  It will go to Bob’s Blankie Brigade. 

Somewhere in the last few days I saw another nine patch quilt and knew that the fabric I had was perfect for it.  I diagrammed it in EQ and started cutting Saturday afternoon, and even put together a few blocks before I ran out of energy.  Yesterday I finished making the nine patches and started cutting the rest of the blocks and sashing, and that’s what I’ve been working on today.

Now here’s my dilemma… in my bedroom I have a queen size bed, design bed and laundry folding bed.  As you can imagine it can only be used as one of those things at a time.  Monday is laundry day, and I’ve been sewing.  Except… no folding bed since it is covered in blocks.  First load was easy, I folded it on the washer.  Second load not so easy, so it’s sitting in the dryer until I pin and mark all the blocks so I can pick them up and finish them later.  (Don’t tell John I had pins on the bed, that’s a big no no.) 

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  1. I like your disappearing nine patch..... I've made a couple also. They are fast and easy. And yours is done.... Or at least the top is done.


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